Wednesday, March 10, 2010

dinner in brooklyn

this weekend that just passed i took a drive into brooklyn to make and have dinner for my friends friends birthday. it was so lovely, her name is jaimee and i don't know her too too well, but she's a vegan baker, and my friend jeremy is vegan and i was it just sounded like a great night.
we went in a little early, with lots of goods from trader joe's that we planed on making. jeremy made a fiesta type dip with guacamole, beans, dices tomatoes with cilantro and some vegan sour cream. i bought some balela to eat with chips, and we made pesto stuffed heirloom tomatoes. oh man were they good! it was fun just to make. they were so deilisous, and te seeds on the inside were this crazy neon green, i had never seen such a thing. it was a great array or raw foods we had going. along with some wine and smokes, and some dancing it was a great night.
pesto stuffed heirloom tomatos
pesto stuffed heirloom tomatos
heres the tomatoes, they came out so good, and it was a group effort since we had to core all these little buggers and the pesto is home made.
this last one wasn't even from that night. as you can see im wearing something different. but i went in to visit my loves the week before or something and ali snapped this great shot of me.
i know i have linked her on here before, all those winter snow pictures a few posts back are by her. these photos came from her camera, and i do admire her photography. im very lucky to have a good friend to document our time together, its a true gift. you can view her flickr here and here

Saturday, March 6, 2010


all i have been doing recently is watching videos of girls on stylelikeu and drooling all over the amazing things they have. over the last few days i went allll the way back 40 pages, as far back as you can go and watched countless videos.
it really is a great site and such a great idea. going into these closets to get a tour of all the little treasures found by these stylish women. many of they are thrifters and have some amazing things i could only dream of finding.
here are a two of my favorites..

Ally McCormack from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

Ally McCormack looks like a lot of fun to go thrifting with. she has great personal style and she seems really laid back. amazing shoes, amazing hats, amazing sunglasses!! and her nails are so awesome! and theres a flannel she says she go from long island, i wonder where!!

Liza Thorn from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

Liza Thorn is hilarious. she opens the interview about how theres a salvation army across the street, so every morning she goes to get coffee and goes into the salvation army. "so its about going like, every day" and then a laugh. i want to be this girls friend. i love her for her personality and her style. she has some amazing pieces but i like how she makes them all her own. that second sequined bib she takes out, its all tangles with other things and she just rips it apart! she loves vintage but isn't afraid to get it dirty and put her mark on it. she plans on keeping it as hers for always. so theres no use in trying to keep it tidy. i don't think i could do that with much, especially something as beautiful as that bib, but i admire her for it.