Friday, August 31, 2012



So last night I stayed in and watched a few movies, just randomly scouring what was new on instant watch like usual. Came across this movie called Submarine, looked interesting and turned out to be even better than I thought. It has some really great cinematography, and especially so in this one scene where then main character and his new love spend the night out running around playing with fire and burning things. I also loved that the characters pretty much wore the same thing throughout the movie, Jordana's thick red coat with that striking bob, and Olivers toggle button pea coat and shaggy mop. It's worth checking out!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012



My new favorite summer outfit.. and so close to the end of it! I know I keep mentioning weather on here, but it's all I can really think about when the first bits of summer start to fade away. I start to think about all the things I didn't get to do, and everything I still have to fit in before the end! I need to make sure I get to the beach again, though I am very proud of myself for making beach days such a usual thing this summer.

Last night was the last summer screen movie at McCarren Park, it was Empire Records and it was a blast! It was  lovely night with a little breeze setting in, I realized I should have brought a sweater, and how I will probably have to start having one around all the time for those cool nights. But until winter hits it's crop tops all the way! And this one is super amazing, it's a Steven Alan top that also comes with a matching mini skirt. I got the pair at work, but the skirt is a bit big on me and has to be taken in. But since I never got that done it's fun to pair it with something else.

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Friday, August 24, 2012



Today I guess I am a bit inspired by Rosie the riveter, a look that I find myself always wanting to recreate but hardly ever do. and I have such a large scarf collection.. yet I hardly ever wear them. I think I may challenge myself in the fall to go a whole month wearing a scarf in some way every day. Think I can do it? Would be a fun little experiment to try out.

I wore some version of this outfit like three times over the last week. There was the one from my last post, and then yesterday I wore that floral top with these pants, and now these pants with this top. If I keep going on with this patten I need to wear this top with some different bottoms. Sometimes I like to wear the same things a lot, a few days in a row. More like I always do this.. I find myself playing favorites with my clothing.. I'll probably be over this look by tomorrow though and onto something new.

Everything is all vintage baby! And these clogs are Olof Daughters, never heard if the brand before coming across them at work, but I really dig them. They remind me of my mother because she had a pair like these all when I was growing up, I remember them as her gardening shoes. And I used to hate them! How things have change.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

flower power


Can you believe that summer is really starting to come to an end? It's sad to say, but I think it is going to be quickly on it's way out this year. Here in Brooklyn the weather has been so mild for all of August, even a bit chilly if your up on a roof at night. I have heard some rumors about how this winter is going to be cold and snowy.. so I need to soak up whats left of this summer weather before it's too late!

And to me nothing says summer more than a crop top and some high waisted shorts! I got this top at work a week or so ago and has quickly become my favorite. In fact I am wearing it right now as I write this, these photos were from two days ago. Woops! I am quite guilty of wearing something new and favorite over and over again until something else comes along. The shorts are american apparel that are maybe my favorite this summer. Nearly every time I went to the beach these babies took me there. The sandals are Saltwater sandals, the best around, so so comfy and you can wear them with anything.

Photos by Noelle

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Rookie beach


Whoa, so this was a bit crazy and exciting! Last month I got together with some of my awesome lady friends and we had a photo shoot for Rookie! And now the time has come and it is actually up, well 5 days ago it was posted.. I'm a bit behind! But you can still click right here to see the photos, also featured are good friends Emma and Leeann, who styled the shoot and is a regular writer for Rookie. And the photos were shot by lovely lady Alexis. It was pretty crazy seeing my face on the homepage for a day, I love Rookie and what it represents and the ind of information they are giving girls. Really wish something like this was around when I was young. But I'm glad it's here now and will continue to try and be a part of it whenever I can!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

best dress ever


Boy was it hard to edit down this one! Noelle came over the other night before I went out for drinks with a girlfriend and we had a little outfit shoot. We were going to go outside on the street somewhere to take them, but then she came into my place and thought the outfit looked well in the setting it was already in, my bedroom. I am still in the unpacking phases, but things are coming along and so here is a little peak of it, well my bed at least!

I just got this dress recently and like I always say with a new dress, it's my new favorite one! It has been like insanely mild here this month in Brooklyn, and I was actually able to wear these long sleeves out the other night which would normally be unheard of in the humidity we normally have. I plan very much to wear this thing into fall and then winter, probably more often than I should. So expect to see it again for sure!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

babe beach


This past sunday was one of the best days this summer by far, and probably the best beach day ever! It was like the perfect storm or something, that brought 7 babes (and one dude) together, finally! I have been going to the beach quite a lot this summer, and I love always trying to get a big group together, not that it usually works out that way. But on this weekend the ever so lovely Ashley came for a visit, she is now living in Philly for an awesome job with Anthropologie, which makes her only a 2 hour bus ride away! It has been almost a year since I have seen this girl so I'm pretty glad we can make it more of a regular thing. So we all crammed into Alley's station wagon and scooted over to the beach, take a look down below for some instagrams of the day. All photos brought to you by @emilyrosetheo @borninflames @olivemylove @emmacooper @lincolntaft @ashleyording & @wraybird 

Liz and Ashley being adorable 
Leeann needed help from her boyfriend Derek to get her espadrilles unlaced. What are boyfriends for if not to help with wardrobe malfunctions and zippers ya can't quite reach? 
"The Sticker Dude" came over to play us a tune. "Two rules" he says, "I don't accept tips or cash, and I don't take any requests. But I will play you a song and ya may even get a free sticker." And so that is exactly what happend. 
Beach snoozing is really the ultimate
L to R: Emma, Liz, yours truly, Wray, Ashley, Alley and Leeann
Bathroom break before the ride back. Things got weird. 
Alley and I both work at Beacon's and we are both paid in vintage playsuits
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8 people packed into Alleys station wagon, thats three in the front, three in the back, and two in the way way back in the backwards facing seat. Station wagons are the best, especially for beach trips.