Friday, November 22, 2013

Gypsy Warrior

 photo DSCN8856_zps3ed6f27d.jpg  photo DSCN8864_zps377c08b7.jpg  photo DSCN8861_zpsf099ea2a.jpg  photo DSCN8860_zpsdc485627.jpg  photo DSCN8857_zpsa55196a2.jpg  photo DSCN8869_zps50a4a003.jpg

I'm all moved into my new apartment, but now I am trying to figure out what to do about blog photos! Before I had this awesome roof that I nearly always had to myself that just had stairs leading up to it and a door onto the roof. Now I have roof access again, but this time with a shaky ladder and a hatch to lift open at the top. Not the best Idea to go climbing it with a tripod in hand. Plus it's raining out. Plus its getting cold out. Trial and error I suppose. I do have some nice white walls and great light in my bedroom, so lets see what comes of that.

On a more happier note, Nicole from Gypsy Warrior sent me over this cool printed top as a piece of their new collection of 70s vintage. She thought I would be able to do it justice since she knows me to love most things 70s and rock n roll. I have to say I maybe went a little David Bowie on this one, pairing it with these black and white striped pants. I really cant help but match a pattern with another pattern all the time. It always seems like the proper thing to do.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mayflower Supply Co.

 photo MayflowerSupply_look01_zps6bf0f8bc.jpg

I am so pleased in so many ways to finally reveal the Mayflower Supply Co. look book! A few months back Liz of Olive My Love and I went on up to western MA to work with the wonderfully talented photographer Courtney Hall. These are her stomping grounds, she took us to all the best spots to make sure we had a beautiful backdrop for MSC's debut. I got to style and model for this wonderful New England collection of vintage clothing curated by Liz with the keenest of eyes. Keep an eye on this shop, it is going to do great things. Starting with vintage now, Liz will later be stocking Mayflower with your favorite heritage brands and other well made clothing, accessories and home goods.

 photo MayflowerSupply_look02_zps24b0aa29.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look03_zpsf22408ad.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look04_zpse0dede4d.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look05_zps82412df4.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look06_zpse5a1f63b.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look07_zps01ac67e9.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look08_zps2501a0e8.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look09_zps3c8f9472.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look10_zpsaf07d566.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look11_zps1c583c15.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look12_zps34196b7d.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look13_zps46494976.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look14_zps3c781745.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look15_zps7466f2c9.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look16_zpsf84ff76d.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look17_zps7db73192.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look18_zps7f27ca74.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look19_zps5b37967e.jpg  photo MayflowerSupply_look20_zps4a75caa4.jpg

Monday, November 11, 2013


 photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-12_zps782e0d6a.jpg  photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-7_zpse6fab38e.jpg  photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-3_zps56866b7a.jpg  photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-10_zpsf65410d7.jpg  photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-9_zpsef4059ee.jpg  photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-4_zps08d04dc2.jpg  photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-16_zps5cf519ee.jpg

A few months back I came across this designer when my friend Emma told me about a book she had just bought called Tie-Dye. It's written by Shabd Simon-Alexander and gives step by step instructions on some beautiful techniques she developed for her designs. I had no idea at first the beautiful clothing Shabd also made, and was blown away by the spectacular colors and dying methods when I first caught a glimpse. This is the SS12 collection, inspired by her trip to Mexico and really showcases her play on color theory and experimentation with some really beautiful prints! Apparently, the use of digital printing really allowed her to make some amazing creations with dye and reproduce it all over the sleek simple designs. Definitely someone to keep an eye on!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Boots & Pine

 photo IMG_5184_zps9e391436.jpg  photo IMG_5120_zpsb5de3ec8.jpg  photo IMG_5105_zpsf66c4629.jpg  photo IMG_5573_zpsfe1fef3e.jpg  photo IMG_5690_zpsc9552d60.jpg  photo IMG_4974_zps56cae295.jpg  photo IMG_4927_zps6cd12e22.jpg  photo IMG_5028_zpsda571d14.jpg  photo IMG_4781_zps00b8bacd.jpg  photo IMG_4552_zpseab96117.jpg  photo IMG_4594_zps31a98a8e.jpg  photo IMG_4470_zps3ba9e849.jpg  photo IMG_4313_zpsb5a78d04.jpg

A little late on sharing this, it does not weaken the excitement I had to get a feature on Boots & Pine last month. Shot and written by a new friend of mine (and fellow AHS enthusiast and weekly watching partner) Arden Wray, this website spotlights all sorts of creative women in different fields who stand out to her. I first met Arden the day she came to shoot my friend Samantha Pleet, I learned she had recently moved to Brooklyn from Canada to work on restoring an old Inn upstate that her parents bought. But that's another story for another day. For now, head on over to Boots & Pine to check out my full feature and interview, as well as a whole slew of my lady friends and many many more! 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Summer with Jane

 photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_001_zps421d4b65.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_002_zps8cffdb9e.jpg photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_003_zpsa899ee27.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_004_zpsbd3ab341.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_005_zpscbd7e41c.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_006_zpsb6acfc28.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_007_zps53d37b0f.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_008_zps8cbffa6e.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_020_zps84b755c2.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_010_zpsddc95c1a.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_011_zpscfe328e4.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_019_zpse91bc930.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_013_zps7eaad1cc.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_014_zpsdf0869bf.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_021_zps18ba267b.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_016_zpsded7550f.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_022_zpsfae7896a.jpg  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_jane_sews_hannah_metz_summer_lookbook_fashion_dreamy_ss_2013_brooklyn_new_york_018_zpsfb697083.jpg

So excited to show off for the first time the Jane Sews SS13 look book! I had the huge pleasure of styling these lovely summer dresses for this South African Designer, with photos shot by Amber Mahoney and modeled by Hannah Metz. It was a perfect September day, we took a drive up to Newburgh NY where we found the most perfect little historical district filled with lovely Victorian homes and we made this magic happen!