Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Samantha Pleet X Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection

 photo DSCN8397_zpsca0ed096.jpg

First off, please excuse the look of pain on my face. They just repainted my roof top silver and it was terribly blinding up there while trying to take these photos. I think I'm gonna have to wear shades from here on out when I go up there now! Today I am breaking out my full on Samantha Pleet outfit from head to toe! Sam and her husband Patrick were sweet enough to outfit me and a few of our other friends in some of there Spring collection! Though I was totally taken by so much of the collection, I went with this top and shorts. As y'all know I'm a sucker for crop tops and all the pockets on it are such a clever idea.

Samantha also has been working with Wolverine and has created a bunch of beautifully designed boots for their 1000 Mile Collection. I was lucky enough to receive a pair and let me tell ya, choosing was very hard! But in the end I went with the Arc boot in marmelade. The color is fantastic and I don't have anything in this particular style. I see these being a staple for a long long time, and so far they are wearing perfectly!

I am also wearing some pretty cool jewelry that y'all should check out. A super sweet customer by the name of Natalie Jacob who is a regular shopper at Beacon's Closet sometimes sells in the jewelry she makes. Her line us called Etymology and you can find it on her Etsy shop. Her prices are great and she uses some really beautiful colors and components in her stuff. The two necklaces and two middle bracelets in the photo below are made by her. I wear the bracelets every damn day, I love them so much.

 photo DSCN8405_zpsf48a902d.jpg  photo DSCN8395_zpse40085f7.jpg  photo DSCN8410_zps7780cd78.jpg  photo DSCN8401_zpsc4d16260.jpg  photo DSCN8417_zpsa2fb4249.jpg  photo DSCN8406_zps30983f4f.jpg

Friday, May 10, 2013


 photo DSCN8373_zpsfb5743f2.jpg

New favorite dress. And I'm not just saying that this time. This is like my dream dress. Anything that has crazy sleeves like this wins me over, but then it's lace.. and not just any lace, DAISY print lace. Oy. I nearly died when it came into work. The only bad thing it was in kinda sad condition, both the armpits ripping at the lace. Which I tried to fix, but as soon as the first wear they ripped open again. Whatever, I don't really mind a few holes here and there, especially if they are in the pits, thats easy enough to hide.

I'm gonna go ahead and say today is going to be the warmest day we had so far, I was sweating up on my roof taking these photos today, and it was still before 10 in the morning. Too bad I will have to be at work all day.. well not all day. I am getting out at 5 to go to my friend Tony's vintage showroom opening tonight. Super excited about this, it's something he has been working towards for quite a while, and he has an amazing eye for the real old beautiful stuff. Especially old american work wear and worn in denim.

 photo DSCN8383_zpsc14e64c3.jpg  photo DSCN8378_zpsc49e1d1d.jpg  photo DSCN8375_zpseba8ccb7.jpg  photo DSCN8384_zps2443822f.jpg  photo DSCN8379_zps7f196e15.jpg  photo DSCN8391_zps9c319a66.jpg