Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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My new favorite thing is wearing this awesome blue liquid eyeliner from Sephora each and every day! It is so bright and vibrant and I'v been getting a million compliments on it, and it also supringly goes pretty well with most outfits. It was $12 and comes in quite a few other colors too.. I think I need to go back and maybe pick up some purple, among other colors.

Just got these two tops at work yesterday, but the pants I'v had for like 2 years now, and they don't nearly get enough wear either. I just did a bunch of spring cleaning yesterday and switched out all my winter coats for my summer clothes, so it helped me to really see what I had and rediscover a few things. Such a great feeling! Today is a bit more chilly, but yesterday was amazing, I didn't even wear a coat out! I am also getting obsessed with the extended forecast and it's getting me super pumped for 70 degree weather!!

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