Saturday, June 22, 2013


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This is what I wore yesterday to my friends birthday party for a theme of black and white and patterns. So there is this place my friends run called The Big Snow Buffalo Lodge which is a music venue type space, and every month or so they have a monster party. At this monster party bands play like any other night, but it is also an art show where in you make a monster, whatever a monster might be to you and there is usually a bit of a theme to it, last time was monster prom, the one before that was 420.. you can figure that one out. This one was in celebration of my friend Kates birthday, she likes to make art with awesome patterns, and so thats how we made our monsters. And of course any chance I get to dress in theme, I'll take it!!

This dress is by a brand called Ya-Ya, I see it often at Beacon's, not always totally in love with it, but this dress I can really get down with. It feels so good on, those cut out spots are in the most perfect place that makes it feel kinda sexy without being so straight forward about it. I love this necklace too, another recent addition to my growing jewelry collection. I can't seem to take it off these days. Also, taking blog photos in the waining sunlight, my new favorite thing. It's too damn bright up there these days in the early morning!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013


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I got this insanely beautiful dress at work the other day, it's by a brand called 
Lemlem which gets their handwoven fabrics from Ethiopia. The brand was started in 2007 by native model Liya Kebede as a way to stimulate their local economy and preserve the art of traditional weaving. On the website you can find amazing clothing, accessories and home goods all in beautiful colors and summery silhouettes. Wearing this dress to work yesterday and then out at night, the compliments were endless. I didn't think such a wide variety of people would be so turned on by the style of this dress, but it really is a no brainer. The orange alone on this baby is so striking and will no doubt make you stand out.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


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I have always been a huge fan of patterns and colors, but recently I have really gotten into more ethnic prints and styles that come into my store. This dress being one of them, I love the tent shape and how its a little mix and matchy. Also it has four different patterns, I am a firm believer in no less than two patterns when mixing, so this one goes above and beyond. I do believe it was sold at Anthropologie originally, They sure know what they are doin' over there! 

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


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So I got these pants at work yesterday, I have been waiting for some kinda baggy boyfriend type jean to come in for a while. But nothing was ever really working. They were all too baggy in the midsection and never as high waisted as I wanted. Then these babies came into my life, perfect fit, and some awesome babe threw some bleach on them and really wore them in for me. Perfect jeans.

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