Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ali Scarpulla METALLIC print pre-sale & giveaway


My beautiful friend Ali Scarpulla has a new line of prints out for sale, a limited edition of 50 packages only. She has come out with some new Metallic prints that show her work more beautifully than ever before. In the words of the photographer herself:

"My new METALLIC prints look better than any print I have ever made before. They GLOW, POP & SHINE in the light, like they are almost 3 dimensional. They're something that you just have to see for yourself. I am finally, truly satisfied with the quality & beauty of my prints, and I want you to enjoy them too!"

Ali is having a Metallic Print Pre-Sale of four 4x6 images of your choice for $28. This is a limited edition sale so there are only 50 packages available. Don't miss your chance to own some of her fantastical images in their best quality yet! You can browse the choices here at her Facebook page, and make your purchase here at her Etsy shop, just include the number that goes along with each image.

But because we love you all so much, we are also doing a little giveaway of the 5 images I chose below! All you have to do is leave a comment with your Email telling us something beautiful you plan for the year 2013. It can be a resolution, a hope or a dream for yourself, or your loved ones.. or humanity as a whole for the future ahead of us. There is a wonderful static energy in the air I think we are all feeling as 2012 comes to a close, and we want to feel how inspired you are by it!

The giveaway ends on the last day of 2012, one reader will be chosen to receive ALL 5 PRINTS. We will be choosing not at random, but based on your answer. So don't be scared, get creative and inspired and tell us what you feel and what's really moving you!!

update: Just want to say I'm really enjoying reading all your comments so far, glad you're all being so open and honest and positive! Keep 'em coming!

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY hair for Drifter & The Gypsy


This months hair tutorial is up over at Drifter & The Gypsy! Head on over and check it out, this month I'll show ya how to do a pin curl, to wear as a hair style, or to simply curl your locks! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

what's in my bag


In the spirit of trying new things on this blog, here is a good ol' what's in my bag post! I have never done one of these before, I think it's cause I don't really find what I carry around with me to be all too interesting, but maybe you do!! Thing's in my bag include: the bag itself as well as my wallet are Coach, a mirror, strawberry chapstick, sunglasses, phone, film camera, keys and extra bobby pins. There you have it, my life in a bag!

I recently got this iPhone case c/o Iconemesis, they gave me my choice of any case, but of course I went with one that had a print by my friend Leah Goren. Be sure to stop by Leah's blog.. she's got some real amazing inspiring things going on over there!

My sunglasses are from American Deadstock on Etsy, I have the same ones in tortoiseshell too. The camera is a Minolta Hi-Matic G that my best gal Ali gave to me a while back. I have been trying to capture more moments in film these days, so I bring this guy along with me whenever I can. 

This handy little mirror I got at work, I carry it around always cause you never know when your going to smudge your makeup, or get something stuck in your eye.. so it's always a good thing to have!

Always gotta have the keys.. would be a silly thing to leave home without. I never understood people that have a ton of junk on their key ring.. seems too awkward and bulky. So I like to keep it simple, a key chain from South of the Border, front door key as well as my apartment key (painted gold glitter nail polish on the front door key so I can tell the difference) and a key to my bike lock for a yellow 70's Huffy cruiser, which has been locked up outside of my building for months, but if I don't keep it on here I'm sure i'll loose the little thing! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Puce Moment

Ready to see the most amazing video ever?? I don't know much at all about this video, but it was shown to me my first night in Austin on my recent trip to the west coast when we spent hours falling into a youtube k-hole. It is so beautiful, I am dying to see what all those dresses at the beginning really look like, and I want to own them all!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Treat from Family Affairs


Family Affairs is having a fun little sale this month called Holiday Treat where every day until Christmas a Family Affairs or Toujours Toi item will be on special discount! I got this beautiful Room With A View dress in september at a sample sale Nina was having. I tried on many things, but once I got this pretty little number on me I knew I had to have it! It has the most amazing details like the beautiful shape of the sleeves and the sweet ruffles on the shoulders and such an interesting neckline! This dress and a few other pieces from the Spring 2011 collection also feature some beautiful dead-stock pre-war glass buttons from a factory in New York in the 1930's! (what a mouthful!) It's brilliant yet simple details like this which make me really love smaller local designers. I wore this dress for a Thanksgiving Friendsgiving for the first time recently and felt beautiful the whole night, it's such a special dress to me!

Room With A View dress is Holiday Treat No. 6 and will be on sale for today only at 60% off from $289 to $116! Don't miss your chance to own this beauty, or make is a special treat for a loved one!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

gifts from friends


Look at this lovely new blue dress of mine! The ever so wonderful Kater of All This Happiness gifted it to me over the weekend. She said she had it for a while, came across it and thought of me so she held onto it to give to me when she saw me next. I just love it! I don't think it's all too hard to guess my style, seeing as I love most vintage and any little 50s/60s dress will suit me just fine, but it's always nice when your friends can really tell what you're into. And it's always nice to know your being thought of even when ya don't see that person all too often. But I am hoping that will change soon, currently Kater is living up in Albany, but is planning to make moves down here to Brooklyn in the next 6 months or so when her folks sell their place. And when that happens I hope to make her my roommate, a match made in blogger heaven!!

Today is my day off, and a much needed one! I went to bed around 9 pm last night, quite a feat for me as I most often lay my head to rest around 1 or 2 am! I was beat beyond belief after working on a music video shoot with Celia Rowlson-Hall which called for me to do lots and LOTS of running! I mentioned this briefly before, but last month Celia contacted me asking if I would style and be in a music video she was directing for Atlas Genius. Using all of my own clothes for me and Beacon's duds for my music video ex-boyfriend, I styled us for a video that basically consists of us running all over Corona Park and Flushing Queens. I won't give away the whole story, but I can tell you that it is going to turn out amazing. We worked with such a great team and got some amazing footage or us running after a car with a dude strapped to the back with a Stedicam.. crazy stuff! Still one more day of shooting ahead of us, but for now I am glad to be resting, cause I can barley even walk haha! I don't run around too often, so the back of my legs are killing me, but it is all worth it for what I am sure will be a killer final product!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

wearing the pants


This is what I wore yesterday, pants! It's not all too often that you see me in pants, in fact this weekend I went up to western MA to visit some friends, my friend Alley was driving us up there and for the ride I decided to dress down a bit, be comfy. When I got in the car she was quite surprised by the blue jeans, tee shirt and sweater combo I had going on. I'm more of a dresses and skirts kinda gal, and we all know I would rather be over dressed than underdressed, but I have some pretty cool pants laying around, so I gotta give them a go now and then. These ones I got from my job, but they are originally from Zara. These cute little socks are something I purchased at Madewell over the summer and never really got around to wearing much, but they are so cute and I'm going to try to incorporate them a bit more into my outfits this winter.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

collages by Sam Derendal

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These beautiful collages were made by my wonderful friend Samantha Derendal, she is based out of Holyoke, MA where she is lucky enough to be surrounded by tons of places to collect old things. Sam has a liking for old children's books, found photos, post cards, valentines, old letters and calling cards. She uses all these beautiful things from the past to make these amazing explosions on paper, with paper.  And lucky for you she is selling prints of these works and many more over at her Etsy shop Paper Bunnies Burrow. Sam also has a tumblr where she posts updates on her work, doodles, and things that inspire her. Check her out, you will be glad you did!