Wednesday, March 27, 2013


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Seriously can not wait for summer. Everything I have been trying on at work recently and adding to my bucket have been things I have to wait to buy cause they are basically my new summer wardrobe. I have all of the summer clothes I already own in storage bags under my bed. And recently I was taking a gander down at the space between the wall and my bed and got a glance at the one alllllll the way back there that has my best stuff in it. I forgot I owned some of those things! Packing away your out of season clothes is really great for two reasons-- 1. It saves you some space to put out all those fucking coats you hoard and 2. it's like rediscovering your clothes all over again and it gives you a different look at them. I find I get bored with them when I have to stare at them every time I open my closet.

Today I am wearing a dress I didn't iron, some knee highs I'll probably have to put tights on under before I leave for work because winter just WILL NOT DIE, and some kick ass 70s shoes I just got resoled by the best damn cobbler in Brooklyn, N. 11th Shoe repair. Go to there. And take care of your shoes before it's too late! Maybe it's because I own so many vintage shoes but I take measures to get them fixed up before it's too late and keep them sturdy. They are my babies after all.

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Friday, March 15, 2013


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So theme fridays seem to have kind of gone out the window again. We forgot to draw them for the last two weeks, and I think someone is trying to sabotage the whole thing, since I have found the top hat we keep the themes in turned over and many of them missing. Whatever man, I use every day as an excuse to dress up in some way, so suck it.

Anyhow, this outfit seems to be somewhere between the 70s and the 90s, and I dig it. I watched Taxi Driver last night, so I think I was a bit inspired by that, but mostly I was inspired by my new shoes here. Oh these things? These kick ass deadstock platform shoes?? No big. That's a lie... HUGE BIG!! And it gets even better. Yesterday I went with my friend Tony to this warehouse in LI City owned by the dude Randy who sells all the really awesome vintage shoes I own into Beacon's Closet. I had met him originally at Brimfield, and whenever he comes into my store we chat. He told me to come by the warehouse sometime to check out his stuff. And what might be this "stuff" of his you ask? Well, in 2000 he bought the stock of a shoe store that closed in the 70s, THOUSANDS of boxes of shoes ranging from the 30s to the 70s... it's quite a sight to see. Size runs in all the styles, huge shelves stacked high with old boxes.. I almost passed out.

I wanted to snap some photos, but Randy isn't too keen on it, which I totally understand. There are some amazing shoes in there and he doesn't want people knocking off the styles without paying for it first. You don't even know... the platforms I saw!!! I need to go back and get more.. but first I need to save up some money, cause they are not Beacon's prices in there. Randy is also looking to sell the whole lot of them since he has been sitting on them for 13 years.. I can't even imagine what it looked like when he first got them all, and what other kinds of styles he maybe used to have. It's things like this that make me love vintage!!!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tan Camera

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More Photo By Kimi Selfridge, love her damn double exposures!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


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So my style recently seems to be wearing long dresses that make me look like I'm part of a cult, which I am totally okay with. It's funny how I will go phases of changing hem lines, sometimes I only want to wear mini dresses and short skirts and couldn't imagine wearing any of my longer ones. But right now, and maybe this is because it is winter after all, but all I want to do is wear long skirts and dresses. Some of which I have just recently acquired, like this beauty. We had this lady come in to sell who had a vintage shop of some kind and she had a pretty awesome collection of long colorful crazy printed dresses and so I just about died. I didn't scoop them all up, not all fit quite right or were totally my style, but the prints man, all so good!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Theme Fridays: Plaid

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It's friday once again so that means it's Theme Friday! And this weeks theme is plaid, so of course I tried to pattern mix as much as possible. I was surprised to find I no longer own like any plaid shirts, so this gingham one will have to do, thats like plaid right? I love love love this top, got it a few weeks back from work, it's really good for layering under a jumper or something. And you know me and crazy sleeves, like two peas in a pod! And with most pattern mixing I feel there has to be three different elements there to really bring it home, so my tights also have a plaid situation going on there.

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