Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i went to walmart yesterday with my friend jessica. she had to return something so we took a look around. i don't know if anyone has seen the new miley cyres/max azria collection made for walmart.....but it aint bad? i feel weird saying it, and a lot of the stuff there i wouldn't really wear. however i did get these black jeans there. they are ripped up the front, exactly the kind of thing iv been looking for recently. and they were only $20! and made of a really nice sturdy denim too. i couldn't believe it. im defiantly no miley fan, especially since i have a 13 year old sister who had the unfortunate luck of growing up in the time of hannah montana.
the striped sweater is from beacons closet, i got it when i traded some things in over the summer. and belt and shoes are recently thrifted finds. and i am in love with both of them! recently i have been dressing like a rock star, or just a little more hard than im used to dressing. and these two pieces are prefect for that rockability look.
i also got this nail polish at walmart. looks just like that OPI color thats so popular, but it was only $2! i love that. its pretty much the same thing, btu so much cheaper! thats what im all about.


Kennedy said...

girl your shoes are amazing! and ps: im writing you back on flickr right now <3

Celeste Devane Cerro said...

Oh shit, yeah I do! I don't really follow people on here, I just kind of update for my own amusement, but I'm definitely going to start following you! I already like what I see, but I mean, duh!

Emily said...

thanks kennedy!

haha thanks celeste. im more into reading other peoples blogs, im trying to update regularly though!

daydreamsnightwalks said...
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daydreamsnightwalks said...

yes!!!!! your shoes are good really really really good! very Jennifer Herrema she's more ballsy than any man im sure x unngh i love dressing hard sometimes

unngh i love Jennifer Herrema

Porcelain Garden said...

those shoes!! so cute!