Thursday, October 21, 2010

thanks clever nettle!


so last week i made my first purchase from clever nettle and its this super amazing dress! i always knew i wanted to purchase something from the lovely shop owner anja, we have been in touch on the web for a bit now, my friend ali has been friends with her since their livejournal days, and she always told me i had to get to know her, that she was just simply the coolest! okay, well she didnt sound so cheesy when she was talking her up, but she just said what a lovely girl she is, and how the three of us have a lot in common and what not.
so back to my story, yes i always knew i wanted to purchase something from anja, shes got great taste in what she chooses for the store, and she markets it so well. making her listing images polyvore friendly really sets her appart! i was waiting for something i couldn't live without, and then it was there and now its mine! i received my package today along with an extra special gift, an issue of FUDGE magazine! (august 2010 issue) what a sweetheart huh?
the dress fits like a dream and i want to wear it always and forever! thanks anja for making my day!

today iv been working on my halloween costume. im making my own, after having not sewn in a while so we will see how it comes out. im gonna be a harlequin! if you look here at this etsy listing, i have the painting of the little guy on the right, and so what was my inspiration and im trying to recreate something like that. iv never sewn a bodysuit before so im a little nervous about how the crotch area is gonna turn out..but it worst comes to worst ill add a skirt or something.
this is where its at so far, a couple of weeks ago i used style tape on my dressform to create all these diamond shapes. then draped the pattern and cut it out then i got lazy and then i realized halloween is less than two weeks away! so i got my tush on the move and spending today sewing, if i dont get i am right now! ahh! wish me luck!


anja louise said...

yaaaaay! it looks amazing on you, it's so cool to have seen it on rachel with her short dark hair, and then on you with those golden locks! you're so sweet, i'm glad that we are long-distance friends.

Kennedy said...

dude you are so pretty

Hannah said...

Oooo I love this dress! The colour is great, along with the awesome collar :D

LeRae said...

pretty dress~ good luck!

vanilla with sprinkles

hannah, heart city said...

such a pretty dress!

Jenny said...

that dress is so beautiful! i love clever nettles etsy shop :)