Tuesday, June 11, 2013


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So I got these pants at work yesterday, I have been waiting for some kinda baggy boyfriend type jean to come in for a while. But nothing was ever really working. They were all too baggy in the midsection and never as high waisted as I wanted. Then these babies came into my life, perfect fit, and some awesome babe threw some bleach on them and really wore them in for me. Perfect jeans.

 photo DSCN8424_zpse383f878.jpg  photo DSCN8421_zpsd290ab8a.jpg  photo DSCN8422_zps6be970fe.jpg  photo DSCN8423_zps6e2260ae.jpg


Crystal Lee said...

very nice! What a fine pair of Levi's. love how you styled your outfit too.

Lola said...


hannah, heart city said...

damn girl, stunner