Monday, November 11, 2013


 photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-12_zps782e0d6a.jpg  photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-7_zpse6fab38e.jpg  photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-3_zps56866b7a.jpg  photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-10_zpsf65410d7.jpg  photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-9_zpsef4059ee.jpg  photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-4_zps08d04dc2.jpg  photo SetWidth800-shabd-sp12-16_zps5cf519ee.jpg

A few months back I came across this designer when my friend Emma told me about a book she had just bought called Tie-Dye. It's written by Shabd Simon-Alexander and gives step by step instructions on some beautiful techniques she developed for her designs. I had no idea at first the beautiful clothing Shabd also made, and was blown away by the spectacular colors and dying methods when I first caught a glimpse. This is the SS12 collection, inspired by her trip to Mexico and really showcases her play on color theory and experimentation with some really beautiful prints! Apparently, the use of digital printing really allowed her to make some amazing creations with dye and reproduce it all over the sleek simple designs. Definitely someone to keep an eye on!


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Glove Slap said...

I love your unique style! Who made the high-heeled shoes you wear in this post?