Sunday, November 10, 2013

Boots & Pine

 photo IMG_5184_zps9e391436.jpg  photo IMG_5120_zpsb5de3ec8.jpg  photo IMG_5105_zpsf66c4629.jpg  photo IMG_5573_zpsfe1fef3e.jpg  photo IMG_5690_zpsc9552d60.jpg  photo IMG_4974_zps56cae295.jpg  photo IMG_4927_zps6cd12e22.jpg  photo IMG_5028_zpsda571d14.jpg  photo IMG_4781_zps00b8bacd.jpg  photo IMG_4552_zpseab96117.jpg  photo IMG_4594_zps31a98a8e.jpg  photo IMG_4470_zps3ba9e849.jpg  photo IMG_4313_zpsb5a78d04.jpg

A little late on sharing this, it does not weaken the excitement I had to get a feature on Boots & Pine last month. Shot and written by a new friend of mine (and fellow AHS enthusiast and weekly watching partner) Arden Wray, this website spotlights all sorts of creative women in different fields who stand out to her. I first met Arden the day she came to shoot my friend Samantha Pleet, I learned she had recently moved to Brooklyn from Canada to work on restoring an old Inn upstate that her parents bought. But that's another story for another day. For now, head on over to Boots & Pine to check out my full feature and interview, as well as a whole slew of my lady friends and many many more! 


Mister Eloquent said...

These pictures are so gorgeous, you look awesome and it showcases your style immaculately


Anonymous said...

Arden is amazing. and as usual, you look stunning!

Daniella Maria said...

Your style is like no other! Popping over to Boot & Pine right now. :)


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