Friday, November 11, 2011

more Donnaland

So we have been in St. Louie for a week now, and still another to go! We have spent this last week completely organizing Donna's warehouse, making sense of the madness that is over flowing from huge cardboard bins. Apparently not too much organization had been done before, a bale would just get popped and thrown wherever. So we have ben digging through things and putting like things together.. ya know, fun stuff! And I ain't joking, it's like a treasure hunt! Especially when we get to keep goodies for ourself. Enjoy some more instagram photos below, because I haven't been able to take a single shot with my actual camera yet!
A pile of woman's underthings, just organized. Beautiful windows in the warehouse.
Some outside shots of the warehouse/old Lemp Brewery.
One morning on the way to work it was really foggy and awesome!
Donnas little kitten Tarzan, and our friend Molly's cat Sebastian.
The Gateway to the West, and happy I got out of the city to see the leaves change.
The most random grouping of stuff on Donna's table, and some hot babes that held our gin and tonics, who also lost their underpants with the chill of the ice!


Phara said...

That picture of the warehouse is amazing, I'd love to explore that area and what a task to go through all those things, but a very fun task
I must say ^^

sadie said...

man, i want those little liquor cups... amazing!

Alison said...

that is quite the pile of women's underthings. I love the misty pictures they seem so unreal.

Steffen said...

i love these photos :)

Carmen said...

Donnaland=Heaven *__*

Jo said...

Those cups are amaaaazing! <3 Want want want!

Lost in the Haze

Sara Eli said...

Haha I love the cups!

xoxo the honey child