Monday, February 13, 2012

Amy Merrick flower shop


Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of stopping by the valentines pop-up flower shop my friend Amy Merrick has been hosting this weekend in the west village! Amy is a talented Brooklyn based florist who also keeps an ever inspiring blog An Apple A Day. I have not known Amy for too long, but I have been a fan of her wonderfully wild and natural floral creations for some time now. I came to show my support (gosh knows I love flowers and small businesses!) and to buy myself one of her bouquets, quite a dream I must say! She is super sweet and put this one you can see below together for me. It was nice to pick out a flower and have her just make something organically from that.

Amy will be selling her creations for one more day, valentines day! Don't miss out on getting your special someone (or if your me, yourself!) the most amazing flowers on earth! She will be at Castor & Pollux 238 W. 10th st. from 12p-7p on tuesday the 14th! And be sure to check out her website because it is ever so pretty, and just so happens to match the coat I wore to her shop yesterday. Happy coincidence!



Crystal Lee said...

Goodness, I have that same jacket! You look just as lovely as your bouquet of poppies.

styleeast said...

This looks so beautiful (as you do you in your blooms!) x

Katie-Louise Ford said...

This is my dream shop, I can almost smell the flowers just by looking at the pictures. That coat is beautiful!

x Katie-Louise

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Yaaay, yes!! I didn't make it yesterday but I'm going tomorrow. And that coat of yours is incredible!

hillary, mammal and lamb said...

Awww so pretty, I bet it smelled amazing in there.

I had a carpet bag in the same fabric as your coat! I always thought it would make a great jacket, apparently its not too uncommon?

Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

dusanabotswana said...

Wow all those flowers are beautiful! You look so pretty too, love that coat, so fun!

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Sylvia Sanderson said...

I've been thinking about getting my mom some flowers. She loves when she randomly gets flowers delivered! I'm going to get a bunch of beautiful flowers for her in a little bundle.

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