Friday, June 15, 2012

theme fridays: hippie


Back to theme fridays! And this week it's hippie atire! So for this outfit I threw on the best top I own, this one belonged to my mother in the 70s, growing up I always had it in my dress up box along with a few other items of my moms. And once I realized this top was awesome and not just for dress up it made it's way into my regular wardrobe and thats where it stayed. I was told once by Donna, the vintage lady I work for, that an ethnic shirt like this is an good of condition as I have it and with the great pattern is actually worth somewhere between $200-$400! I was super surprised, but it's something I will never sell in a million years.

The jeans are Rebecca Taylor that I have been getting quite a bit of use out of these days. The platforms are JC, the ribbon around my head I got at a tag sale in Ohio a few summers back, and the sweet shades I got at the costume store when I was trying to be like Jodie Foster from Taxi Driver at halloween. I kind of just want to wear them all the time, they make everything look so nice!

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kristin said...

this is perfect!!