Friday, July 13, 2012

sheer flowing floral


Yikes! Sorry you guys, I have been really bad at this recently. I warned you. I could tell you I'm busy with moving and blah blah blah, but that's really no excuse. I have not even begun to really pack yet, but in a weird twist of fate, have been making my apartment look nice very shortly before packing it all up so that some folks from Teen Vogue could come over and take some shots of my bedroom. They have this online blogger apartment feature that I was totally excited to be asked to be a part of! It's due out next month, so keep checking back and i'll let ya know when it's up!

I snapped these shots right after they left, this was one of the 5 outfits they shot me in and probably my favorite of the day. I really liked that I got to pretty much just style myself how I wanted, I was asked to have a few outfits ready, and was happy to see there was no fuss over changing what I chose. I mean, this is about MY style and all, but ya never know with a magazine thats a bit more mainstream, and since I don't wear name brands much, or anything new.. I don't know what I'm getting at here, it was a fun experience, all throughout high school I was a huge Teen Vogue fan. It was always one of my favorite publications and so I'm totally excited to see the outcome! Oh, and boy did I do a lot of smiling for those photos! Those Teen Vogue girls are always so happy, had to put away my usual stone cold blank stare for a bit!

So here I am wearing probably my favorite cropped top ever! I got it of etsy like two years ago, and has been an immediate staple in my wardrobe since. Speaking of how I hardly wear name brands, this skirt is Betsy Johnson haha! But vintage at that, and heck, Betsy was like my favorite when I first started getting into fashion, especially in my Teen Vogue years, so it only seemed fitting. This skirt is crazy long, super flowy and light and sheer, feels wonderful to wear around the city streets on these hot days we have been having. I have also been playing with a new hairstyle recently, maybe it's time for another tutorial soon! Cause it is super easy, pretty much just a bunch of twisting and a lot of bobby pins, and it looks like a lot more went into it than anyone will really know!

And so, if you are STILL reading all of this ranting, let me give you a quick run down on what has been going on with my life.. my boyfriend who I have been living with these past two years and I have broken up, but don't worry, everything is okay. But this is why I am moving. Gotta start packing up all the crazy stuff i own and get ready to move in with my lovely friend and fellow blogger and makeup artist Annie!!! (this chick is a beauty blogger, can't wait for how amazing my skin and hair will probably be after living with her a bit!) She has a cute little place in Williamsburg with a room opening up at the end of the month, and it will be mine! So like I said, things will continue to be spars around here, but please just bare with me, a new life and new adventures to come, and I would love it if you were all along for the ride! As always, thanks for reading and I love ya all! (corny, I know)

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Jessicat said...

Argh! The rocky road of life. Exciting that you are moving in with someone super cool though :) not to mention that you are being featured in Teen Vogue!! Teen you would be flipping right now I imagine.

I la la love that skirt. I can't wait for summer down here so I can wear all my summer clothes. I've been sewing like a mad women for the last two weeks, predominately summer stuff. So I can't wait to get the heat going on!

Ashley Ording said...

Good luck with your move, doll... I just moved out of my own place today, eek! It's a crazy time, I guess! I'm SO SO SO excited to move to the east coast and be close enough to see you all the time. And please come stay with me in Philly! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Yay I can't wait! Love the outfit...almost bought a little 90's betsey dress today at Beacon's. Hmm..

I need you to motivate me to blog more!!!


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Hi! Just read your blog on Dead Horse Bay. We were just there yesterday, and of course, came home with bottles. There were so many in good condition, I felt guilty leaving them, knowing the waves will probably destroy them. What a waste of...well....waste! I can't believe you found old handbags though! That was score and a half! My mom came with us and didn't understand the allure. Haha. Guess you either love it or hate it!

Josephine Frances said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your break up Emily :( That's so awesome that you have such exciting new things on the horizon though. Best of luck with it all! xx

Georgia Rose said...

Aw man, I hope you come back to this blog! I am SO missing your regular posts.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with everything! Your room is so dreamy and cute. I miss your regular posts too, come back to us! haha :)