Friday, July 6, 2012

theme friday: coven


Man, I am really half assing this right now. Today is Theme Friday once more, we have kind of been neglecting it again, no one can seem to get on the same page. But now it's back. This weeks theme is Coven... and I did a poor job. I had this pretty cool lace dress with big huge flowing sleeves in mind, but then I remembered I left it at my friend Anna's place. In fact I left nearly everything black or white that I own at Anna's place last week cause we were filming a music video for the band Supercute!

Silly me, I totally forgot all of that was over there until last night, so I did what I could with the hardly anything I had. I guess I was going for  The Craft look here, but I don't have any black lipstick, or rosary beads, or really anything... so all ya get is a cut off wife beater and a sheer black skirt. I promise I will put more effort into this next time. Actually, scratch that, no more promises, I am about to be moving later this month so I'll probably just forget about this blog all together for a while, like I have been doing already. Oh well!!

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maya.autumn said...

so so lovely.
the background pictures and stuff are really pretty too,

Zenobie (Queen of Carrot Flowers) said...

Aww your outfit posts make me super happy, especially when they feature your wall decorations. I love the gibson girl tuck thing you have going on too

Opposite lipstick said...


iamyoursforever said...

nice xx :))

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