Sunday, March 3, 2013


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So my style recently seems to be wearing long dresses that make me look like I'm part of a cult, which I am totally okay with. It's funny how I will go phases of changing hem lines, sometimes I only want to wear mini dresses and short skirts and couldn't imagine wearing any of my longer ones. But right now, and maybe this is because it is winter after all, but all I want to do is wear long skirts and dresses. Some of which I have just recently acquired, like this beauty. We had this lady come in to sell who had a vintage shop of some kind and she had a pretty awesome collection of long colorful crazy printed dresses and so I just about died. I didn't scoop them all up, not all fit quite right or were totally my style, but the prints man, all so good!

 photo DSCN8295_zps2557fd6e.jpg  photo DSCN8303_zpsdc59b4d9.jpg  photo DSCN8298_zpsa7125e0d.jpg  photo DSCN8297_zps8f0b81f4.jpg


tamara said...

amazing dress!!! love it so much. your outfits are always so on point.

Norbyah said...

totally amazing dress. i love it. the print is amazing and the empire waist is always so flattering.

Ani said...

Gorgeous! Love long dresses!

Victoria Michael said...

Awesome dress...I love that print & fall! You look beautiful. Women Escorts