Wednesday, December 21, 2011



So here are photos from my actual birthday. Once again, instagram photos from Courtney and myself. We started the day of by sleeping in a bit since we did stay up till about 5am the night before after dancing. I made breakfast.. er, lunch, for everyone and then we headed into willismasburg to go to Beacon's Closet. Really the only vintage place I would take people from out of town if they really wanted to buy a thing or two. They have the best prices and so much to look through. After I found some amazing shoes, and the dress I would wear later that night, we went over the B.A.D. Burger for my birthday dinner. It was really great, we had the place to ourselves and the food was delish.

Then after a quick stop home to get ready we went to the Bowery Ballroom to see Twin Sister and Widowspeak play. Soooo good! The both fo them! I only heard about Widowspeak when I heard they were playing with Twin Sister, but I have been listening to them non stop ever since. And they are from Brooklyn, so even better! Twin Sister was amazing as always, Andrea even gave a little birthday shout out to me :) After the show we just hung out at the bar there until heading home for a late night munchies feast. I made TJ's shrimp corn dogs! And we got some friend chicken from the place around the corner, hah! All in all it was a great weekend, I am so happy to have so many caring friends, thanks for a great birthday everyone, 24 feels like its going to be a good year!

Courtney and myself, and a quick bathroom shot in my new dress ;)

Late night waiting for the subway. Whenever I have guests in town the subway is running horribly! And there is Sam lookin bangin!

Fried chicken in my new nightie from Andrea and her boyfriend/bandmate Gabel. Shrimp corn dogs, new at Trader Joe's, so good!!

Sam and Chris trying their first slice on new york pizza before their drive home sunday.


hillary, mammal and lamb said...

Happy birthday, Emily! All of that food sounds amazing, hope you had a wonderful time.


looks like you had a wonderful time, happy belated :) I really like that pic with the collared dress.