Tuesday, December 4, 2012

wearing the pants


This is what I wore yesterday, pants! It's not all too often that you see me in pants, in fact this weekend I went up to western MA to visit some friends, my friend Alley was driving us up there and for the ride I decided to dress down a bit, be comfy. When I got in the car she was quite surprised by the blue jeans, tee shirt and sweater combo I had going on. I'm more of a dresses and skirts kinda gal, and we all know I would rather be over dressed than underdressed, but I have some pretty cool pants laying around, so I gotta give them a go now and then. These ones I got from my job, but they are originally from Zara. These cute little socks are something I purchased at Madewell over the summer and never really got around to wearing much, but they are so cute and I'm going to try to incorporate them a bit more into my outfits this winter.

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julenecake said...

Love everything about the outfit! I too am a skirts and dresses kind of gal, but would like to change it up now and then. Thanks for the inspiration!