Saturday, December 8, 2012

what's in my bag


In the spirit of trying new things on this blog, here is a good ol' what's in my bag post! I have never done one of these before, I think it's cause I don't really find what I carry around with me to be all too interesting, but maybe you do!! Thing's in my bag include: the bag itself as well as my wallet are Coach, a mirror, strawberry chapstick, sunglasses, phone, film camera, keys and extra bobby pins. There you have it, my life in a bag!

I recently got this iPhone case c/o Iconemesis, they gave me my choice of any case, but of course I went with one that had a print by my friend Leah Goren. Be sure to stop by Leah's blog.. she's got some real amazing inspiring things going on over there!

My sunglasses are from American Deadstock on Etsy, I have the same ones in tortoiseshell too. The camera is a Minolta Hi-Matic G that my best gal Ali gave to me a while back. I have been trying to capture more moments in film these days, so I bring this guy along with me whenever I can. 

This handy little mirror I got at work, I carry it around always cause you never know when your going to smudge your makeup, or get something stuck in your eye.. so it's always a good thing to have!

Always gotta have the keys.. would be a silly thing to leave home without. I never understood people that have a ton of junk on their key ring.. seems too awkward and bulky. So I like to keep it simple, a key chain from South of the Border, front door key as well as my apartment key (painted gold glitter nail polish on the front door key so I can tell the difference) and a key to my bike lock for a yellow 70's Huffy cruiser, which has been locked up outside of my building for months, but if I don't keep it on here I'm sure i'll loose the little thing! 


Catherine said...

I have that phone case, and I wish I had those sunglasses! I love the bag too. xo

Meg said...

I love your cute little trinkets in your bag. I have the same purse - it was my moms in the 90s