Tuesday, February 26, 2013



So I FINALLY got my dream denim jumpsuit at work this week! I know this is not an item of clothing that most people dream of getting, but for me, as a total 70s lover, it is a necessity.  I feel my wardrobe was never going to feel complete until I had this item! I am now just hitting a year working at Beacon's Closet (whoa!) and in all of that time quite a few jumpsuits have come in, some denim, some corduroy, all amazing. But so far they have mostly been too small, especially when it comes to the length between shoulders and crotch causing much camel toe discomfort. Either that of the fit was just way off and wonky.. I have been waiting patiently, and like with most things, when I do this the universe brings back to me the positive vibes I put out. I can now sleep sound at night knowing this hot thing is hanging in my closet keeping watch over the rest of my clothes. And get a load of that tag, can you ask for anything better!?! I THINK NOT!

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Ashley Brewer said...

Holy youknowwhat, that jumpsuit IS perfect! And you rock it like whoa. I don't blame you for being stoked!

Tori Bonaventura said...

Wow wow that jumpsuit is perfect! The bell bottoms are amazing. I hope one day I will stumble across the perfect jumpsuit myself!
xo, Tori

Frannie Pantz said...

HOORAY! Congrats! I've always wanted a denim jumpsuit too. The zipper detail is so amazing!

Rebecca said...

That is an awesome jumpsuit, looks great. And does the tag say'Male'!?

Cleo Vermeer said...

You have a wonderful style, that jumpsuit looks so great! :)

x Illustrious Despair