Friday, February 8, 2013



What I wore yesterday for my first day of NYFW. I was a simple and relaxed type day, took some of the girls over to Samantha Pleets studio for a little sneak peek of her collection that she is debuting tonight as she has a little party. It was really fun, ate cookies and drank tea and got to play dress up in her new beautiful creations. That girl is damn talented, and her studio is so cozy and beautiful. I need to make a point to drop by more often! I have some photos from the visit I will share soon!

So my outfit here consists of some current favorites, have had this black hat for a long long time, thrifted it out on LI and it's been a favorite since. Got this coat pretty recently at my job and it's a dream! So warm and every time I get a hug from someone they pet me like I'm a teddy bear, it's cute. Everything else I also got from my job, this super cool Catherine Malandrino top is one of my favorites, the sleeves kill me! Been loving this Jack BB Dakota striped skirt. All I have been doing recently is wearing stripes it seems.

And now I have to bundle up and get ready to brave the blizzard to go to my friend Amanda Henderson's presentation. It is seriously snowing out right now, the first real snow we have gotten all winter. So excited, but bummed because I want to wear cute shoes, but I know that's not practical!

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Lally said...

Oh woah amazing outfit! Your skirt is so fab, totally jealous of all your amazing scores from work!

Tori Bonaventura said...

The coat! And that top! Those sleeves are a dream.
xo, Tori

Photostorming said...

I have the same hat:)

I like your belt so much and I like the balance with belt and stripe colors!!!

Hugs from Istanbul<3

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I love your witch-chic looks with wild sleeves.