Monday, June 28, 2010

i mean business

im pretty bad at trying to post outfits on the day i actually wear them. this one was from thursday when i had to go to a deposition for the car accident i was in back in january. not exactly the funnest thing to get dressed up for, but i got the chance to try and dress "professional" and "respectful" (since i was apparently 80% at fault for this accident..)
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this blouse i got at h&m a while back and only wore a few times. i loved it when i first got it..but its been sitting on my clothing rack for a while now getting passed by. i think the collar is really lovely.
the skirt and shoes i got on the same trip to salvation army a few months back. i hit it big with shoes that day, and these ones are such a lovely color, nice modest heal and so comfy. the skirt i love as well. the color is just so great! and even though the shoes and skirt are two very different shades of green, i think they compliment each other very well.

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