Monday, June 14, 2010

new layout

well, i look full advantage of this new layout design thing on blogspot. not too sure if im going to keep it this way, but i thought that star background (which is one to choose from!) was pretty cool. i also made a new banner, using one of alis recent photographs of me. also goes real well with the back ground!
i like this layout a bit more, one because if give me some more space, the post area is a bit larger, so i can put up some larger photos with is nice! also, once again i have fallen into this kind of lazy funk..not posting, not doing much of anything really, except watching twin peaks with my boyfriend.
speaking of boyfriends.. iv been casually dating this guy jeremy who i work with for a little over a year, and about a month ago we made it official. so i guess hes my boyfriend now. we spend like all of our time together.. hes a distraction really. but a really cute distraction. so im trying to get back on the bandwagon again, summer has been motivating me a bit, now i just need to act on it.

jeremy at his computer, doing what him and i both do a lot of..
hash browns we made this morning. making food, especialy breakfast is something we do A LOT of.

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Alia said...

LOVE it. Glad it's official now :)