Wednesday, August 25, 2010

french side braid tutorial

so i have never posted a tutorial before. i filmed one a little while ago on rag curls. but its about 20 minuets long and needs to be edited to be shorter really bad. unless you feel like sitting with me and watching me roll 20 rags into my hair while i try and think of random things to rant about and say besides " so ya take your hair in the rag and roll it up! simple as that!"
but i just posted on my flickr a photo of how i wear my hair most days at work to keep it out of the way. its simple and still very pretty, i also wear it this way normally and its quite swell! (jeremy and i recently started watching mad men and "swell!" is making its way into my vocabulary)
i get tons of compliments from customers on it and they always ask how to do it. its really quite simple i always say so i thought, hey maybe someone wants to see how to do this! so hear ya go!
sorry, i dont really have an on screen presence yet, but if ya all like this, maybe ill work on my posture, or something.

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