Wednesday, January 30, 2013



I will let you know, it was actually warm enough today for me to be up on my roof dressed like this to take these photos. No tights and all! I even broke a sweat, cause it is a little bit of a work out setting the timer and then quickly getting in front of the camera to pose and hold, and then do that all over again a bunch of times. It seems to be crazy spring time warm here one day, then frigid the next... but I guess I can't complain. Especially since the most amazing shoes just came into my life this week!

I give you the Rachel Comey Bait semi-boot! The Rachel Comey shoes of my dreams! I have been waiting patiently all my life, well almost all my life, for these babies to be mine. They were always a far off distant dream due to the price tag, but once I started working at Beacon's Closet I knew they were within my grasp! I just had to wait for the right size to come in. And let me tell you, I would have happily taken any style of Comey shoes as long as they fit (something I found harder and harder to come across since their sizing seems to be quite small and narrow as hell!) but these were like my ideal style. The odds were not in my favor, but I must have done a good deed or something to boost my karma levels for this to have happend. I died. I am still dead. But I came back from the grave to rock these shoes.

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Anonymous said...

I love this pattern mixing!

Christina Catherine said...

I don't always understand the fervor of Comey fans, but those really are beautiful shoes.

I'm loving this outfit today. Very sexy, but not mall-sexy. Emily-sexy.

charity said...

i'm loving your blog and the patterns you chose to mix here!