Friday, January 11, 2013

plaid and sparkle


Back up on the roof, looks like this winter is turning out to be just like last winter in that THERE IS NO WINTER. It's been in the 40s all week, I'v been opting to leave my scarf at home most days... what is this?!? I just want one good snow!! But in the meantime, I should be taking advantage of this and getting out there again to take my outfit photos.

So here are some new things from Beacons, a super awesome vintage plaid coat. I have quite a few coats, but none that are short like this it seems, so this was a nice addition to the ranks. And a sparkly silver mini dress, yes please! The lining on this guy is a bit longer than the dress it's self which kinda bugs me, but I'm sure I'll get around to fixing that at some point. Oh and don't forget to check out the hugh clump of cat hair on my sleeve in the second to last photos.. jeeze, this is what my life is these days, covered in cat hair, always.

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Crystal Lee said...

Nothing beats a sparkling mini dress. It'll look super cool in the spring time too with some sandals. Cute coat. It is harder to find shorter coats, so you lucked out. hope you get the snow you are craving.

jessica sandoval said...

That dress is so so beautiful! That coat is the bomb.

Jessica / Vixenelle

Jessicat said...

sometimes I think about complaining that I am covered inthe hair of many animals. Then I remember that I want to be covered in animal hair always. And that it's my own fault for petting every freaking animal I see. derp.

Blythe said...

Love your coat! Great dress too.