Wednesday, January 16, 2013

dress love


New favorite dress, and if you look closely you can see the little daisy shorts under there that I wear when my skirts of on the shorter side of short. There are two things about this dress that really make me swoon, first off the colors. Sort of unexpected, and also muted yet vibrant at the same time. And wearing this orange/red lipstick sets that of even more so I think. And secondly, the sleeves, I will love any blouse or dress that has a dramatic sleeve. This guy buttons up at the wrist and is full through the rest of it so there is a nice little poof going on. All perfect reasons to wear this dress like every day for the near future.

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Xenia said...

You always look so perfect!


Scarlett Joy Walker said...

beautiful dress!x

hannah, heart city said...


Marzipan said...

You are so cute <3

Babes in Thriftland said...

I love me a sleeved dress. I really need more dresses with sleeves because cardigans can get real old by the end of winter. You are rocking it!

Tori Bonaventura said...

That dress is so perfect and I still love your boots so much! This is terrific.
xo, Tori