Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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I have been gravitating towards the color blue more than ever right now. Growing up if someone asked me my favorite color it was always green or purple or yellow or something. I felt like I never chose red or blue because it was such the obvious choice. Everyones favorite color is blue, whats the fun in loving something that everyone else loved. But the blue, it's just speaking to me recently. I feel like I have adapted it into my wardrobe more and more, and red and blue together is like, the best right now. I feel almost like I should have put another hint of red in here, but these red beaded necklaces have been my security blanket recently. I like to switch up my necklaces each day, but if I can't think of a good one to wear these three strands seem to go with everything and look really simple but well put together. The stuff I keep on my wrists and fingers are an every day thing though. Never was into decorating my wrists much until just a few months ago. And now I can't imagine taking them off.

 photo DSCN8773_zps8ac4c6e2.jpg  photo DSCN8776_zpse22d77cc.jpg  photo DSCN8769_zps09770b3f.jpg  photo DSCN8778_zps932a2efd.jpg  photo DSCN8763_zpsb883c7fe.jpg  photo DSCN8787_zpsc55734a7.jpg  photo DSCN8782_zpsf61f375d.jpg  photo DSCN8788_zps5ca50d5c.jpg

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Phara said...

Love this outfit and your hair looks so lovely too!