Monday, September 16, 2013


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Saturday night I went to the best friends potluck ever. It seriously felt and smelt like thanksgiving, all the greatest people were there and the food we all brought totally fit so well together. I can not be happier with the amazing people I have come to know here and feel so lucky to surround myself with some kind and talented people. Sometimes I have to pinch myself.

I also pinch myself daily now ever since I got THE MOST AMAZING JACKET EVER. Someone please help me in identifying where it came from and in what time period. I don't feel like it was made in america or anything, and it seems 70s, but if it's coming from a different country with more of an ethnic traditional background, well then it could be from anytime. Either way, I pretty much throw this baby on top of everything these days. The fall chill has hit the city and it is quite necessary to have a jacket or sweater on hand when leaving the house. I hope this beautiful weather continues on just a bit longer before it turns into dreary winter.

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Lally said...

Such a beautiful jacket, it looks perhaps Romanian from the embroidery, its certainly European. Definitely harder to date ! Anyway really lovely, your finds are always so good.


Hannah Hayes said...

Wow, stunning jacket! What a find.

P.S. Loved you in the Arcadia film!