Saturday, September 7, 2013


 photo 90850008_zps0bf043bc.jpg

Been using my film camera that I thrifted in Ohio for about $3 to capture little bits of my day.

 photo 90850001_zps0abfbba1.jpg  photo 90860009_zps08d5b316.jpg  photo 90860010_zps6b24968f.jpg  photo 90860006_zpsdd724b3e.jpg  photo 90850009_zps6aae7edc.jpg  photo 90850010_zps5bcca848.jpg  photo 90850006_zpsba423e5d.jpg  photo 90850007_zps4fd96e22.jpg


Jessicat said...

I'm really loving seeing you look so happy in photos! You have such a cute and pretty smile, it makes you seem like a very contented and satisfied person.


also, I love the feel of these photos. More! More!!

Bas said...

Love this post! Love your pics, I have a bunch of Lomography cameras but would kill to find a proper old one that works