Thursday, October 13, 2011

another new (to me) favorite dress, and a do' too!


Yesterday was another lovely day off with my boy. We went into the city to check out Occupy Wall Street.. but more on that later. We also walked around a bit and got a late lunch. We just kind of took it easy, it was a very chilly day, more so than I expected it to be! We had a couple of indian sumer days over the weekend, but now it is back to fall weather.

I went back to the Beacon's Closet in Park Slope on sunday to do some more trading. I went through my wardrobe and decided to get rid of some more things. I didn't have nearly as much this time to trade, but I did get almost $40 in credit, and I got this dress with some of that money! Another quick favorite in my vintage dress collection. It was missing the two buttons at the waist, which kind of sucks cause they are fabric covered buttons.. but I just replaced them with clear ones and no one is the wiser. I'm really into the shape, and the print.. I have kind of been wearing it every day :P

And I also found a new way to wear my hair!! I have been wanting to try pig tales again for a while, ala Bridget Bardot and other sexy full haired babes of the 60s. I was a bit unsure, since people already think I look 18. But I think the look is quite flattering, especially with a bit of teasing and adding some rag curls the night before to get some curly Q's. Expect to see in in pig tales a lot more from this day forward!



Phara said...

Your hair looks lovely! X

rachel said...

very pretty!

Taylor Scott said...

love the pigtails! how was occupy wall street? I've been really involved with occupy philly here! cool stuff.

kittenhood said...

very pretty dress! you look so pretty in this!

the wild bunches said...

Gorgeous hair. Gotta try this! x

Regina Carmeli said...

Love the print on your dress <3

dusanabotswana said...

What a pretty little plaza. Beautiful dress too, love the quilt look to it & great pairing w/ the boots. I say- wear your hair however you feel that day, you look adorable : )

Liz said...

how did you make your hair look so thick and luxurious?? tell me your fine hair plumping secrets!

Ashley Ording said...

I'm obsessed with this hair. TEACH ME. You look like such a babe, as uuusual! xo

tessa said...

gorgeous dress!
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Junaluska said...

The curls came out so nicely! I need to try rag curling.

camillejodoineng said...

Totally revisiting these photos... prettiest rag doll I've ever seen!