Sunday, October 2, 2011


So, I'v done it, I have gone and gotten and iPhone! Durring the week when Ashley was staying with me, my phone decided to up and break on me, simply not turning back on after a night of charging. So I was in the market for a new phone, and I decided it was high time I got with it and got one of these fancy pieces of machinery. And so being the visual maniac I am, I also got Instagram and started snapping away! pretty much when you can find on my page is the same kind of stuff you find here, flowers and cats haha. My name is emilyrosetheo, so if ya want to follow, go right ahead!

Oh, and I also broke down and made a twitter account, of the same namesake. I won't promis anything life changing on there, it confuses me a bit still hah. So below enjoy some of my instagram photos!

weekly flowers, fred and I about to kiss
beautiful old homes in Fort Green, pretty flowers in Park Slope
a man on the sidewalk in Williamsburg, my favorite house in Park Slope.. so far!
George being cute, George being fat
Guvnor's vintage, an album at the same place
Fred looking handsome, Fred chillin' in the bathtub
the beginnings of my new dried flower wall, Brownstones in Park Slope
a fun night out with Liz, late night tv on the couch
Andrea of Twin Sister, the band leaving on their way to their US tour
awesome pin at the Brooklyn Flea, my hot legs on the subway ;)
my neighborhood in Crown Heights, Fred at the kitchen window
the boys being cute on the couch, some rag curls before bed


g33k and chic said...

Love the thigh-highs! So retro sexy! You have a great way of incorporating vintage/retro into modern.

Misha said...

I'm an instagram-junkie too! And boy, I'm crushing on you and your cats so hard and the fact that they're named (they must be, right?) after the best twins in literature!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Your neighborhood is ADORABLE! Plus, you know, your cats are really freakin' cute.

amy said...

all of the photographs are beautiful. you live in heaven, and the flowers open my heart.

so much love for your blog .

hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

Olya Olegovna said...

Thanks for your share! likes on instagram