Thursday, October 27, 2011



Just another day with Jeremy running all over the place and eating out :) We were on a mission to find Jeremy's halloween costume, as well as get some decorations and thing because we are throwing a party on Halloween! I haven't had a Halloween party of my own since I was 12 haha, so I'm pretty excited to get to decorate and have people over for it. No one I knew was having one the day of, and I hadn't heard of any other plans, so I decided we should have a party here! I have already started some decorating, purple string lights around the living room, changing out some regular light bulbs for red ones. Still have webs and bats to hang around, but should probably wait till it gets a bit closer so the cats aren't tempted to tear it all down.

For our day out I wore this very seasonal thick plaid dress that I got at Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg with the bit of credit I still had left over from trading a month ago. Obviously,this isn't the kind of dress ya just throw on whenever year round, but right now it's an easy choice cause things have been getting chilly around here! Snow is in the forecast for saturday even! I can't even believe it. This cape has also been a go to every day, it's warm buut still light and always adds something interesting to an outfit.

Another little bit of news I haven't shared on here yet bit is coming up really soon.. on November 3rd I'm flying out to Donnaland warehouse headquarters in St. Louise Missouri!! She has hired my friend Courtney and I to come out for two weeks to rummage through unopened bales of clothing and help her sort her inventory!! I am super excited for several reasons.. never been to St. Louie before, haven't been on a plane in quite a few years, I love spending any amount of extended time with my dear lady friend Courtney, and of course... VINTAGE! I'm going to be getting paid in real money this time, ha, but will also be getting to take some some beauties, fresh out of the bale! So a week from today I will get on a plane and won't be back until the 15th! Hopefully I can blog a bit while I'm there, but things may get a bit slow around here.. well I mean continue to be slow since I'v been a bad blogger recently :P



Sweet Harvest Moon said...

LOVE your hair!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Loving that hair on you. Its really beautiful with the long dress. Reminds me of old black and white movies.
And the dress, sweet find.

I got your invite to the Halloween party via FB. Would it be weird if I dropped in?

Femke said...

Your hair is so gorgeous indeed (I like this better than the pigtails). And I love the plaid dress, that green color is lovely!

xoxo, Femke On the Button

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Your curls are so lovely as always. I'm totally lusting after the sweet knit cape!

Anastasia said...

I love everything about this. I am so excited about maxi plaid (oof I didn't want that to sound the way it does) this season! And your sweater is just delightful!! <3


ash said...

I'm really curious to is your closet situation? Any tips for organization? I'm moving out this week and my new room has a closet half the size of the one I have now...and I'm a hot mess. I have so many clothes and shoes that I can't part with. I just thought I'd ask since you have a lot of clothes too and you just moved. Thanks!