Wednesday, October 5, 2011

red beret


Fall has definitely hit NYC, and I could not be happier about it! Finally it's time to break out the jackets and the layers and the hats and thigh highs. I know in a few months time I will be sick to death of wearing tights, but for right now it is a welcome return and easy way to spruce up any outfit. I need to work on building up my collection again because I tend to just discard them in the summer months because heck, who wants to think about tights in 90 degree weather?

I got this red beret last week from Beacon's closet with some of the credit I still have there from trading. When I was little I had quite the collection of berets actually, I guess my mom really liked me in them or something. Ones with big bows or flowers on the front, very kid in the 90's. Most of the ones I had were black, navy blue or dark green though, so bright red is a nice departure from that, and my first beret in probably 15 years. I like the color with my hair too, this will be my first fall/winter with dark hair since dying it in february and I am quite excited for it. I tend to feel very washed out in the cold months with blonde hair, so I'm excited for more of a warm feeling to my look.

I guess I was going for somewhat of a parisian look here, with the stripes and beret and all. This wonderful suede leather jacket I got at Beacon's Closet too, last year some time, it was like $40, but I got it in trade :) The striped sweater blouse was thrifted, as was these sweet red shoes that I never wear, but should more often. The skirt was from my best friend Ali and the thigh highs are from H&M I think. I am excited for more fall dressing, and the weather all this week is supposed to be beautiful and mild, can't wait for the leaves to change too!

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kater said...

I am potentially in love with you, with that braid and beret! Ugh!

Cat said...

Gorgeous outfit, the colours are perfectly autumnal! And I, too, love a red beret - it can make the plainest outfit chic...

Cat xxx

Liz said...

umm we are twinsies/soul mates cuz i have that same skirt in olive. maybe we should recreate this outfit and wear it at the same time on a lady date?

Crystal Lee said...

Trés mignonne! love the shoes as well. Are they fake croc?

Meg said...

Love this - definitely Parisian chic

Natalie Garza said...

I have never been to Paris, but this is totally what I'd wear it if I were there. I absolutely love your read beret!

kitty said...

you remind me of eva green's character in the dreamers in this! lovely look.