Friday, August 24, 2012



Today I guess I am a bit inspired by Rosie the riveter, a look that I find myself always wanting to recreate but hardly ever do. and I have such a large scarf collection.. yet I hardly ever wear them. I think I may challenge myself in the fall to go a whole month wearing a scarf in some way every day. Think I can do it? Would be a fun little experiment to try out.

I wore some version of this outfit like three times over the last week. There was the one from my last post, and then yesterday I wore that floral top with these pants, and now these pants with this top. If I keep going on with this patten I need to wear this top with some different bottoms. Sometimes I like to wear the same things a lot, a few days in a row. More like I always do this.. I find myself playing favorites with my clothing.. I'll probably be over this look by tomorrow though and onto something new.

Everything is all vintage baby! And these clogs are Olof Daughters, never heard if the brand before coming across them at work, but I really dig them. They remind me of my mother because she had a pair like these all when I was growing up, I remember them as her gardening shoes. And I used to hate them! How things have change.

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Anna said...

Love the top, super cute :)