Monday, August 13, 2012

pink and gold


Another beautiful day here in Brooklyn! The humidity is gone, the days are warm and sunny.. strange strange weather we have been having this year but I really can't complain. Yesterday was an amazing day filled with beach and babes. I was finally able to get a big crew of my girlfriends together for the beach yesterday and it was just perfect! I am quite proud to day I have made it to the beach like 10 times this summer, which is quite a high number for living in the city even though we are an island.

Todays outfit features one of my favorite new dresses, from where else but Beacon's. In fact the necklace and the shoes are from there too.. my own personal closet. I love the color on this dress, I steered clear of wearing pink for the longest time, I just didn't feel right in it. But the times have changed and I find myself adding more and more pink to my closet these days. These shoes are sweet aren't they? Today is my first time actually wearing them out, they seem a bit more fall and holiday to me, but I know I will get plenty of wear out of them for sure. 

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Aliya said...

What a lovely dress! LOVE the print! Also, your heels are amazing!

x Aliya
Hill Side Story

Leah said...

Those shoes are incredible! Great find! I can't imagine how great it is for your closet to work at Beacon's.