Thursday, August 30, 2012



My new favorite summer outfit.. and so close to the end of it! I know I keep mentioning weather on here, but it's all I can really think about when the first bits of summer start to fade away. I start to think about all the things I didn't get to do, and everything I still have to fit in before the end! I need to make sure I get to the beach again, though I am very proud of myself for making beach days such a usual thing this summer.

Last night was the last summer screen movie at McCarren Park, it was Empire Records and it was a blast! It was  lovely night with a little breeze setting in, I realized I should have brought a sweater, and how I will probably have to start having one around all the time for those cool nights. But until winter hits it's crop tops all the way! And this one is super amazing, it's a Steven Alan top that also comes with a matching mini skirt. I got the pair at work, but the skirt is a bit big on me and has to be taken in. But since I never got that done it's fun to pair it with something else.

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Meg said...

this is so cute! your hair is soo long now!

Kitsune-kun said...

such an adorable ensemble! I love the shade of green in the skirt a LOT.

Leah said...

Love this! : )

stuckinazoo said...

Such a quirky summer outfit. I too love the color of your skirt!

Dulcie said...

I so enjoyed just catching up on about ten posts you wrote while i was away on holiday. I fell in love with at least five of your outfits and would love to own everything in your wardrobe! You are so innovative and creative with colour :) xx