Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Anna Karina


Todays outfit is inspired by Anna Karina, I was foolin' around late last night on tumblr when I was a photo of her and noticed her eye makeup. I always knew she was well known for the blue eye shadow  but in this photo it was more of a second cat eye behind the black liner, opposed to it just covering the lid. So I figured I would give it a go today, you can't tell too well from my photos here, but it came out pretty cool, I like it! And the rest of the outfit just fell into place, what is more 60's than a brightly colored mini dress? And this combination of rust colored coat and this olive green was one of my favorites last winter, so I'm excited to get to break this coat out again! Cause let me tell ya, it is chilly out here today!

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Dulcie said...

SUCH a good look! And I absolutely love the combination of colours, nothing says 'autumn' more eloquently :) xxx

Kitsune-kun said...

ahhh WHERE did you get that beautiful coat!?

Unknown said...

This outfit is absolutely perfect for Autumn. That coat is beautiful, you are lovely!
xo, Tori

Norbyah said...

you are gorgeous. i love the socks.

Junaluska said...

That is an amazing coat. Also, knee socks!

Nicole Vardo said...

Holy shit! Your blog rules.

XX from Texas,