Saturday, October 20, 2012

purple rain


I know I call just about everything I wear my favorite, but I gotta say, suede mini skirts are probably right up there at the top these days. I have recently tripled my collection of said skirts and am happy to announce the addition of this purple beauty to the clan. It was actually about a foot longer earlier this morning before I cut it into a mini, another great thing about suede/leather.. no need for hemming! Just a straight steady hand when ya cut and the hem looks just fine.

I thrifted this sweater years and years ago at a salvation army on LI, it's one of those 70s vintage pieces they must have made a lot of because I have seen it several times for sale on etsy, as well as spotting a girl at a party once wearing it too. I love the way vintage clothing is for the most part one of a kind and I'm never gonna run into someone wearing the same thing, but I also love that stuff like that can happen and something you own suddenly turns up everywhere.

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perfumehk said...

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Crystal Lee said...

haha - I have a very similar sweater that I thrifted a long time ago, though I like yours better. Dude, your outfits have been killer lately. I am definitely coveting your purple suede mini. Where did you get those cute lavender shoes?

Tori Bonaventura said...

Your skirt is everything. <3
xo, Tori