Thursday, October 18, 2012

the usual


As I was about to start writing this blog post I was waiting for Kimi Selfridge of Tan Camera to come over and have a little shoot with me today. She reached out to me about how she has been working on a long term photo project called "This Is Our Youth" where she uses all film (!!) and tries to put across the feeling of documenting a moment. She has shot with other bloggers for this project using their own wardrobes to style them, and thats exactly what we did! Kimi tore through my closet and put together some pretty funky looks. I love when others can come in and look through my stuff and see all these possibilities I never even thought of. And I love collaborating with other people, especially when it's with a cool chick and consists of just walking around my neighborhood in out of this world outfits taking polaroids. I will be sure to share all the photos once I get them, but for now if you have instagram you can see some of todays looks at mine @emilyrosetheo and Kimi's @tancamera.

But back to todays outfit, I think I'm gonna start to call this look "The Usual". Ya know, knee socks, a jumper, button up shirt.. just the same old look I sport every other day. The only new thing here is this blouse I just picked up from work. I wasn't going to buy anything from work this week, but the other day we were told to go through our hold buckets and either buy it or put it back out on the floor. Ugh, why such stressful choices! So this blouse was an obvious yes, I mean look at that collar! Layering button ups under something else is one of my favorites and when it has some kind of interesting detail like this shape it makes it just that much better.

Oh, and I swear I didn't graffiti my name up on my roof, that was there when I moved in. Just a happy accident I guess! 

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Unknown said...

Perfection. I am in love with that second to last photo. Amazing.
xo, Tori

Norbyah said...

i love those socks so much, i went back to uniqlo and got some in the same color. i love wearing knee highs.