Saturday, July 31, 2010


every saturday jeremy and i have off from work. its the only day we aren't available to work, i guess so we can have a day off together. and just always know that we have that day off (its hard to make solid plans sometimes when your schedule changes from week to week.) so the other day i looked up this flea market i heard about on long island. didn't find anything about that one, but i found some other place. i wasent sure if it was going to be one of those kinds that sells junky jewelry and perfume. things like that. so i decided to call and find out if they had any vendors selling vintage clothing. the woman said "what?" and i said "i havent been to this flea market before and i wanted to know if you sold any vintage clothing" and she said "oh yea theres some if you go down the stairs when you come in."
so maybe she misunderstood me and thought i said simply "clothes" because alas, there was no vintage clothing, it was the sort i thought it may be. so that was a bust. especially since we had to drive quite a bit west on the island to get there. so instead we headed back east and i wanted to go looking for this vintage shop my friend had told me about. its called remembering yesteryears. and oh man, it was amazing. there wasent too too much clothing, but i sure found some good pieces. and ended up leaving with all but one of what i wanted. i had to do a bit of haggling. but i got two dresses and two hats there.
the photos of the dresses will have to wait until tomorrow with better lighting. but for now heres the hats. one of them i actually got in the mail today as a trade on etsy. its quite amazing!
ooh! and i also got a pair of shoes in the mail today, these were purchased with my hard earned cash though. once again, photos of those to come tomorrow!

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Sarah J said...

I just love the red cap! its too cute!