Friday, July 16, 2010

swim suit summer 10'

these are the high waisted swim bottoms with the mesh bits i mentioned. i just love it. although i was very torn between this one and the plain black one with the ribbing when i was there trying them on. but i decided to go with these ones cause its what i originally wanted, and they are different.
the top i got off etsy from shantie a week or so ago and i just love it! it has boning along the princess line to keep the "bow" shape. i did have to do a bit of reconstruction cause its made of a girl with bigger breast than i have. so i cut open a stitch or two, cut down the boning and now it fits like a charm. its made of cotton and not too proper for swimming, but i dont care!

i also just gave myself a little treat and finally bought a pro flickr account! its been a long time coming and i love it! so happy!

tonight im going to "alive after five" which is a street fair in a local town that happens every friday. goin to drink beer and dance in the streets!

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