Thursday, July 22, 2010

pre-camping errands

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today has been a busy busy day. this weekend is my best friend alis birthday. so to celebrate her and her boyfriend steven, jeremy and i are going camping up in the catskills region. i am so so excited. i havent been camping in four years, since after my senior prom! we are going to mongaup pond camping grounds about a three hour drive away. we picked it because the site we found siad its for campers who like deep woods and seclusion. and let me tell you, its in the deep woods alright. no towns around it really, only trees. i cant wait to get a real good look at the stars while being away from all the city and suburb lights.
today we did a bunch of shopping tog et things together. flashlights, rope, duct tape, fire starters, camping chairs, name it. we are trying not to pack all too much as we are all taking my car with one of those snail compartments up on top. its gong to be an amazing weekend. i just want wait!


oh, and this is what i wore today. cropped top is from etsy, skirt was thrifted and the platforms i got at brimfield in march. im going to see edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros with my friend carly. im very excited for that. i havent been to a show in a while where i actually listend to the band. im really to get a little drunk and dance my buns off. i hope its a good crowd. i hate when people just stand around when the band is a fun as them.

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