Sunday, November 14, 2010

blue dream


so for some reason my camera thinks its a good idea to shoot natural day light in this blue hue. i dont know how it happend.. but i suppose its broken. happend a few weekends ago., one night it was working the next morning it was like this. but indoor light looks normal. good thing i got the 2 year warranty! i dont know, but it forces me to play with the colors, and i actually kind of like the way it looks when i just turn up the orange a bit. so maybe i wont bother getting it fixed, ha.
today im going to my cousins daughters baptism party, just the party part of it. i really cant stand to sit in another church again for some ceremony i dont believe in. but im happy to be around my family and support them in whatever they believe in. then later im going to get my free piercing from tattoo lou's! and i think iv decided on the nose piercing. for a couple of reasons.. its just really been on my mind recently and i think i should do it or ill regret it. also since its free, if i hate it and want to take it out, at least i didnt waste $50! damn i am cheap sometimes!
iv had it done before, and it hurts a bit. makes your eyes tear uncontrollably, hits a nerve or something. so wish me luck!

beautiful best cream blouse in the world, thrifted
blue velvet dress i dont wear nearly enough, thrifted
tights, target i think
shoes, thrifted
clutch, estate sale
skull pendent, evolution (the chain is my own)



Anja Verdugo said...

I love that dress so much. There's this really expensive dark blue velvet dress at a store in town, but I know I can thrift one eventually! Did the white balance on your camera get changed somehow? Maybe that's making it blue? It does look kinda cool though. I'm so excited to see your new piercing!

Lucy said...

I like the colour of the photos, and your dress&bag are amazing. Good luck with the piercing!
Where the wild things might be...

Sarah said...

you look awesome. this outfit rules.

Courtney Brooke said...

There are few things I love more then blue velvet. I love this Emily JUST LOVE IT! I can't wait to see your cute little nose with a hoop in it !

Kennedy said...

the second photo is my favorite. you look like a 90s babe. and hey, that black shirt is now up in my shop! if its not going to be mine, id be happy to have it end up in your capable hands <3

Eli said...

love it! it looks like right out the movie the Craft!

ps. something might be stuck in your lens? it could offset the color

DIANA said...

IN this world I really cant find anything I love more than Velvet and this magical navy/blue (mmmmm) color is fascinating! Its so mystical and charming and it has this confusing edge to it its breath taking I love it!!! – I picture a wonderful dark night in which the almost blue sky glows like magic awesome post!!!!- Thanks for the inspiration!♥

modafobik said...

Your bag is really authentic! :)