Tuesday, November 16, 2010


so iv finally made a tumblr. well i started one a couple of months ago, but strictly for the purpose of following others. it all seemed a bit too confusing for me at first and honestly, i didnt see the point? i dont know man, but recently ali showed me how easy it is now, and this really helpful little tab that stays right where my bookmarks bar is that i can click to tumbl any photo on any website im currently on! very cool.
so now iv started and its pretty addicting i have to say! i totally understand the crazy now. so follow me if you want, or dont, but either way im gonna keep on rebloging and liking the shit out of everyone elses!

check out my tumblr here!


Kennedy said...

yes! i just started following you. it was the same for me when i started mine, i was nervous i wasn't computer savvy enough to figure it out but now im totally addicted. although it sounds like youre doing much better than me because i still have to find out about the tab that allows you to post an photos of any website you're on! that sounds awesome!

miss annie said...

I´ve ever been thinking about starting a tumblr too, but I think blogger, lookbook and tumblr is too much for me!
amazing blog!