Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm still alive! Things have been a bit busy here, I just got back the other day from being up in western MA all weekend before the July Brimfield fair starts. I was helping Donnaland set up shop for three days straight in hot muggy days! I was basically wearing as little as possible, covered in sweat and dirt and doing lots of heavy lifting! But I worked for trade and made out like a bandit with all the wonderful vintage duds I have! Some new favorite dresses for me, and LOTS for the shop.. once I get around to taking photos and all that.

So here you have some shots from my second roll of film. Flowers and sunset and kitten legs under the coffee table. You know, the usual! The last few photos are from the 4th of july sunset, man was it beautiful!! I hope you all are having a wonderful summer, sorry I have been so bad this month! I haven't even been that insanely busy, but blogging is just second string right now while I get my whole life together to plan a move. Thanks for still stoping by, and hopefully next month things will be back to usual!! :)

Sunset on the north shore
Freds cat legs, he loves to lay like this under the coffee table!
Kitchen flowers
Brooklyn sunset, I didn't think these would come out so well!


Dulcie said...

Such beautiful photographs, I hope to catch some good beachscapes on my holiday in Malaysia. Can't wait 'til you're blogging outfits again :) but as a blogger also in the middle of a move I know how difficile it can be! xx

vita bread said...

my cat does exactly the same under the table! haha

Taylor Scott said...

Lovely photographs! The sunset is beautiful. Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on!

lavelle said...

The shots of the sky are incredible, Emily! xx

Tonya said...

You are so talented...these photos are beautiful.

SoFashionistica said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Oh and welcome back, I look forward to seeing your outfit posts!

Anonymous said...

amazing photos, emily! and good luck with the move!

Meggstatus said...

Loving the vibe of these photographs.

Liz said...

that sunset really was amazing. im so glad you were able to capture it!

Jessicat said...

lovely lovely lovely! I just spent the weekend away and took way to many photos of cats. But it can't be helped can it!!

Oh and congrates on the apartment find, thats totally exciting news!

Meg said...

amazing photos