Monday, May 21, 2012

rain and flowers


Today it is POURING! All last night super loud thunder storm rolling through, something we haven't gotten much of these days. So today for work I wanted to wear something that brought out sunshine and flowers! hah. I got this dress out of a $1 pile of stuff at Brimfield, thats totally my kind of sale! I'll dig through a dirty pile of clothes any day as long as there is promise of something good, and a good deal! I got like 10 things out of that pile, but this is definitely the best I got if ya don't count the cute wiggle dress I found with a rusted zipper!

And today, like yesterday, I'm sporting my good ol' trusty side french braid. Always a good style when you can't quite figure out what to do with your hair, or it maybe needs a good washing and ya don't have time hah. Also get a good amount of compliments, people seem to think it's a good deal harder to do than it actually is. So it's something I like to keep doing, I can show you all sometime!

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Unknown said...

love your hair! is the other side pulled smooth, with the french braid on only one side of your head? also that dress is lovely :)

Aliya said...

Your dress is stunning! I love the varied horizontal stripes on it! And your hair is so pretty like that!

x Aliya
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sweet harvest moon said...

We had terrible thunder too yesterday!

Leah said...

I love the side braid! I wish I had your hair!

Unknown said...

that dress is BEAUTIFUL!